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    DSP offline controller Woodworking CNC Router with dust collector

    ZKM-1325B/ZKM-1525B is heavy duty model for wood working. It can be used widely and conveniently. It is widely applied in making woodworking product such as wood door,wood furniture,mdf funiture,wood screens... It can also work on advertising signs, acrylic letters,foam molds, metal, copper,plastic, aluminium, stainless steel,stone,glass...

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    4.5Kw Air Cooled Spindle Wood engraving machine 1300*2500mm With Vacuum Table Dust Collector DSP Offline

    ZKM-1325A is an artful product with strong functions, can be used widely and conveniently, and the price is reasonable.It is widely applied in making woodworking
    products, advertising signs, acrylic letters,foam molds,
    also can for metal, copper,plastic, aluminium, stainless steel,stone,glass...

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    5.5KW spindle Stone CNC Router with computer control box

    ZK-1325 Stone CNC Router is designed for stone engraving or cutting, It can be used for granite/marble/bluestone ect... This machine adopt 5.5KW water cooling spindle, hybrid servo system, computer control box for save space of computer. It also can work for metal,wood industry etc... working area can be 900*1500mm,1300*1800mm,1300*2500mm...

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    ZK-1325 ATC CNC Router air cylinder with 3 4.5KW air cooling spindle

    ZK-1325 air cylinder ATC CNC Router is designed for door making,or some work need tool change. It can save tool changing time when working. It is economic choice than normal ATC CNC Router with auto-tool changer. Machine adopt 3 pcs 4.5KW air cooling spindle. Air cylinder driving the tool changer,computer control box to put computer.

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    ZK-6090 Small CNC Router with DSP controller

    ZK-6090 is designed for small material working, such as small metal/wood/advertising.Control system can be NcStudio/DSP/Mach3,spindle can be 2.2KW/3.2KW/1.5KW, air cooling spindle optional.Working area also can be 300*300mm,400*400mm,600*600mm,600*900mm...

Advertising industry, seal engraving, craft industry, leather engraving& cutting, cloth engraving &cutting, model making, architects models, packing& printing industry.

Suitable materials 

wood, bamboo, organic glass, plastic, cloth, paper, leather, rubber, sponge, coconut shell, double color boards, acrylic, marble, granite, jade, crystal , and other nonmetal, also can processing the cylindrical objects, such as glass, pen container, writing brush, trophy.

1. USB Port to desktop or laptop computer.

2. MoshiDraw Software, has the ability of both NewlySeal and NewlyDraw.

3. 40W CO2 laser tube, more powerful.

4. Infrared positioning system, high precision positioning.

5. Honey comb working table, better for software materials engraving & cutting.

6. Multiple graphic formats supporting, such as EMF/JPG/PLT/WMF.

7. The reinforced and thickened machine body make transportation absolutely to be safer and longer life time.

8. Built the heat dispersed fan to reduce all electronic component's temperature. Thus lengthen electronic component's life and the higher technical volatility.

9. High Precision Stepping motor makes engraving more precision.

Working area


Laser type

Co2 glass

Laser power

40w or 50/60w

Laser tube(life hour)

1000-1500 hours

Engraving speed



Shaping Character

Chinese 2mm

Letter 0.8mm

Resolution Ratio


Resetting Positioning


Working table

Honey comb

Motor Type

Stepper Motor.

Software supported

MoshiDraw software(both NewlyDraw and NewSeal function)

Interface to Computer

USB Port



Power consumption


Power supply

AC 110V 50/60Hz or AC 220V 50/60Hz

Graphic format supported


Water cooling

Water pump included

Operating temperature


Working humidity



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