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    DSP offline controller Woodworking CNC Router with dust collector

    ZKM-1325B/ZKM-1525B is heavy duty model for wood working. It can be used widely and conveniently. It is widely applied in making woodworking product such as wood door,wood furniture,mdf funiture,wood screens... It can also work on advertising signs, acrylic letters,foam molds, metal, copper,plastic, aluminium, stainless steel,stone,glass...

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    4.5Kw Air Cooled Spindle Wood engraving machine 1300*2500mm With Vacuum Table Dust Collector DSP Offline

    ZKM-1325A is an artful product with strong functions, can be used widely and conveniently, and the price is reasonable.It is widely applied in making woodworking
    products, advertising signs, acrylic letters,foam molds,
    also can for metal, copper,plastic, aluminium, stainless steel,stone,glass...

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    5.5KW spindle Stone CNC Router with computer control box

    ZK-1325 Stone CNC Router is designed for stone engraving or cutting, It can be used for granite/marble/bluestone ect... This machine adopt 5.5KW water cooling spindle, hybrid servo system, computer control box for save space of computer. It also can work for metal,wood industry etc... working area can be 900*1500mm,1300*1800mm,1300*2500mm...

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    ZK-1325 ATC CNC Router air cylinder with 3 4.5KW air cooling spindle

    ZK-1325 air cylinder ATC CNC Router is designed for door making,or some work need tool change. It can save tool changing time when working. It is economic choice than normal ATC CNC Router with auto-tool changer. Machine adopt 3 pcs 4.5KW air cooling spindle. Air cylinder driving the tool changer,computer control box to put computer.

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    ZK-6090 Small CNC Router with DSP controller

    ZK-6090 is designed for small material working, such as small metal/wood/advertising.Control system can be NcStudio/DSP/Mach3,spindle can be 2.2KW/3.2KW/1.5KW, air cooling spindle optional.Working area also can be 300*300mm,400*400mm,600*600mm,600*900mm...

Applicable Industries

Suitable for stone materials, tombstone proessing, artistic relief, advertising & decoration, artware industry, etc.


Applicable Materials

Marble, granite, blue stone, sand stone, tile, glass, crystal, artificial stone, tombstone, mile stone, jade, etc, also can for the woodworking materials, metal, adveritising materials processing.



heavy duty stone cnc router:

ZK-9015, 900*1500mm; ZK-1212, 1200*1200mm; ZK-1318, 1300*1800mm; ZK-1325, 1300*2500mm


Lighy duty stone cnc router:

ZK-9015, 900*1500mm; ZK-1318, 1300*1800mm; ZK-1224, 1200*2400mm

1. Seamless square steel tube welding for the whole machine, good rigidity, not easy to deformation, T type heavy duty machine structure, good weight bearing capacity, high stability, can bearting the more than 1000kg materials. 

2. Adpoting the Taiwan linear square guide rail, double row four columns, large loading capacity, sable operation, higher precision.

3.  Famous electronic parts, stepper motor, driver, , more powerful, good performance, high precision, low noise.

4. Big power 5.5kw water cooling spindle, greating cutting indensity, high efficiency, lowe noise.

5. The special designed Zaxis structure, increasing the stone relief precision effectively, making the ball screw broken of Z-axis failure rate to the lowest.

6. Using the high precision rack and pinion transmission, higher precision, fast speed and powerful.

7. Gantry moving, more fast, stable, uniformity, no shaking for the whole machine.

8. Stainless steel water slot cooling system, ensuring the tools get the adequate cooling, prolong the tools life time, getting the more better engraving effect.

9. Continuing working after the break point/power failure, lower the rejection rate.

10. Good software compatibility, can compatible with the Artcam/Type3/Ucancam/JDPaint such CAD/CAM software, 2D/3D processing, more convenient to using.

11. NcStudio control system, when working connect with the desktop computer, showing the processing path, more convenient .

12. Feeding wheel helping to load the heavy maerials, more convenient.

13. Air cylinder for Z-axis, helping to hold the Z-axis, ensuring the precision and avoiding the ball screw broken for the long time using.


Basic   configuration



XY-axis   working area



Welded   steel pipe machine holder and machine bed, cast iron vertical shafts and   transom

Moving   way

Gantry   moving

Working   table

Aircraft   aluminum with T slot

Guide   way

XYZ-axis   linear square guide rail

Driving mode

XY   rack gear, Z ballscrew

Z-axis   working area


Max   traveling speed


Engraving   speed


Mechanical precision


Driving method

XYZ   Step motor 86BYG-450B+ MA860H driver

Water cooling system

Stainless steel water slot


5.5KW water cooling spindle with air cylinder

Spindle speed


Collet type


Tools diameter

3.175mm, 4mm, 6mm,8mm,10mm,12.7mm

Control   system

Copy NCStudio control system

Design   software when delivery


Compatible   design software

Artcam, Type3, Ucancam, JDPaint, MasterCAM


G   code ,U00, mmg nc,etc

Running   ambient temperature


Relative   humidity



AC   380V,50/60Hz, three single phase

Auto   tool calibration

For   Z-axis


12   pcs for stone


Water   pump, tools, NcStudio card, power line, USB line, brush, spanner, collet,   fixtures, user manual.

Other   optional items

Original   NcStudio, air cooling spindle, dust colletor, auto oiling system, computer   cabinet, rotary axis, wireless handwheel


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